Ready for Anything volunteers

The Ready For Anything scheme

Through the Ready for Anything scheme individuals can support emergency responders and communities during and after crisis.

Following the challenges presented by the flooding in Lincolnshire in 2019, high profile incidents such as the Grenfell fire and the Manchester Arena attack and more recently, the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of volunteers and embracing and channelling public goodwill, has never been more important.

Lincolnshire Resilience Forum has teamed up with North Yorkshire Resilience Forum to launch the scheme in Lincolnshire to build upon the outstanding achievements of our volunteers over the past two years.

Anyone can join the scheme as long as you live in Lincolnshire, are relatively fit and well and able to get around the county. If this sounds like you then we would like to welcome you to our emergency volunteer family.

Having this scheme in Lincolnshire wouldn’t have been possible if not for our friends over at Ready For Anything – North Yorkshire.

What we will offer you:


Regular training

Following your initial recruitment, the LRF will provide you with regular training. This is so you are able to assist with confidence wherever it is needed.


Insurance and Protective Equipment

All personal protective equipment (PPE), identification and indemnity insurance will be provided by Lincolnshire County Council. 



You will be closely connected to LCC Emergncy planning team as well as a network of county wide community emergency volunteers.


Continual Development

We will hold quarterly training sessions so your skills will remain up to date and relevant.

Volunteer roles

RFA Volunteers can take on a verity of roles:

Provision of refreshments

Volunteers may be asked to help out supplying refershments to members of the public or emergency responders.

Clean-up duties

It may not be the most glamorous job, but following an incident help will be required to clear up and get things back to normal.

Warning and informing

Volunteers may be asked to help out with delivering information to communities. This may include door knocking or leaflet dropping to inform residents about the incident.

Good neighbour support

Before, during and after an incident we will encourage volunteers to look in on their neighbour. 

Rest Centre support

 Assist in a rest centre by supporting attendees through the provision of information and reassurance.

Logistical support

Movement of equipment, sorting of donations and administrative support. 

Transport provision

Assisting with the transport of donated goods and supplies to where they are needed. 

Missing person support

Where appropriate you may be requested to assist local rescue teams in the search for vulnerabe/ missing people.

Your information is only shared where necessary and where the law allows it. We will only keep your information for as long as is necessary, and in line with our retention schedules. Further information setting out how the council processes personal data is available on their website at

To check the credentials of the volunteer please follow this link to the RFA Verification portal.

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