Property Level flood protection measures


What’s the alternative to sandbags?

“80% of households have taken steps to reduce the risk of fire, and 54% have taken steps to reduce the threat of burglary, but only 6% of people at risk of flooding in the UK have taken steps to reduce the impact.”
(Environment Agency Research)

Visit the Blue Pages for a directory of property flood products and services put together to advise and inform you of what’s available to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home or business.

Flood Re - A flood re-insurance scheme is a re-insurance scheme that makes flood cover more widely available and affordable as part of your home insurance.

National Flood Forum – A charity to help, support and represent people at risk of flooding

Helping people to recover after they have been flooded, supporting and listening to communities so they feel empowered to manage their flood risk, representing people at risk of flooding to make sure the authorities and government develop a community perspective.